Raised Center Aisle (RCA) Barns

RCA Barns Natural Light & Ventilation

Raised center aisle (RCA) barns from MD Building Systems of Florida are a popular type of breezeway barn, especially here in Florida. These barns feature an elevated middle roof section with 18-inch window openings running all the way down both sides the length of the roof between the lower and upper rooflines. This means RCA barns deliver enhanced natural lighting as well as greatly improved airflow, making it an excellent barn design for our sweltering Florida summer heat. These barns are naturally brighter, cooler, and more energy efficient,, and they still deliver all the well-known advantages of top-quality modular barns from MD Barnmaster.

We’re capable of designing, customizing, and building all sizes of RCA barns in a range of configurations. From compact four-stall layouts to RCA barns with multiple breezeways and hundreds of stalls—and everything in-between—if you can dream it, we can build it. We can also add all types of overhangs, storage lofts, and even finished living spaces to complete your perfect custom barn. Whether you’re seeking a barn for a small, private horse farm or a large commercial equestrian center, MD Building Systems of Florida will customize, deliver, and construct it with quality and precision.

Your Full-Service Partner for RCA Barns

Our team is here to manage and and oversee your project from concept to completion. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a little guidance, we’ll be happy to sit down with you, discuss your needs and your vision, and help you create the right design and configuration. Our goal is to provide your horses and livestock a safe and healthy living environment while making sure your new RCA barn brings a smile to your face every time you see it.

Extensive Color Options

With RCA barns from MD Barnmaster, you benefit not only from advanced engineering and precision modular construction, but also from an array of color and finishing options. All MD Barnmaster barns come complete with pre-painted heavy-gauge steel exterior walls eight different beautiful color options. These barn’s long-lasting roofing systems, trim, and facia are offered in twelve unique colors. Finally, the powder-coated grillwork features six standard color options, so you have more than 550 different color combinations possible for your new RCA barn. Click the tabs to the left to learn more about MD Barnmaster’s full range of color choices for your new barn’s walls, roof, and grillwork.

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